Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Dog, Zed.

here's the plan:

So, a while back, I made a "private" blog.  (I haven't updated it a lot, per my usual M.O., but it's there none the less).  I had mentioned it on facebook, but just in case anyone hadn't seen that, you can still send me an email (jessie.brannan@gmail(dot)com) and I'll add you to the blog list so you can read it - it's quite the privilege. 

K, now, does anyone else have the problem of not remembering to check when those private blogs update?  I mean, I have my little "blog buddies" list on the side of this blog, and when someone posts something new, their blog moves to the top of the list and then I know to check their blog.  But private blogs don't do that.  I'm sure everyone else knows a simpler way of keeping track of those things, but I don't.  Soooo, what I'm going to do is: keep this blog and post links to new posts (on the rare occasion that I make them) so that it will still show up on peoples' blog lists.  Does that make sense?  Oh well, don't expect much anyway.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Talkie Talkie

Bon and I have an incredibly imaginative and chatty 5 year old neighbor girl. Due to those characteristics, her parents encourage her to spend a lot of time outdoors. She can be seen patrolling the sidewalks on her bike - talking to neighbors, nameless passers-by, and no one at all. We see her most of the times we take Zed out potty. It's exhausting. But she's so hilarious! Up until a few weeks ago, Bon and I didn't even know her name, so we lovingly referred to her as "Talkie Talkie". Here are just a few gems from our conversations with her:

I had just gotten home from work and was walking up to the apartment. From behind me, I heard her say "he's not there." I knew she was talking about Bon, but to humor her, I turned around and said "who's not there?" She paused for a moment and replied "your dad."

(now, this anecdote had me a bit concerned for her, but the pure innocence was touching)
As I was going back upstairs, after a lengthy conversation during one of Zed's potty breaks, she said "when you see Bon, will you tell him to invite me up your your house the next time he sees me. And invite me for a sleepover."

She doesn't seem to have many neighborhood friends, but (in what I can only imagine to be an attempt to garner some interest from prospective playmates) she'll ride around on her bike, shouting "WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" But it is the most angry, aggressive sounding "whee" I've ever heard.

Her and I were chatting during one of Zed's potty breaks and her mom called her in for dinner. A dialogue ensued wherein she tried to determine when we'd next be able to play. As she was going inside, she looked back at me and said, "oh, it's cool, you have my number - just call me!" and placed her hand up to her ear like a phone. She doesn't have a phone and I don't have her number.

She told me to take Bon to the store and buy him a bicycle so they could play together.

And our favorite:
It's very apparent that Talkie Talkie has a crush on Bon. Well, one day, we were both walking to our car and she was playing outside. When we left the apartment, she had called out "Hi Bon!" As we crossed to the far side of the parking lot, she shouted "Bye Bon!" A moments pause... "I love you!"

Saturday, May 22, 2010


There's no real point to this post. I've just had some thoughts repeatedly bouncing in my mind that I thought spitting them out into a post might relieve some of the pressure.

1. Zed's puppy teeth are starting to fall out. My little baby isn't a baby anymore! :(

2. Zed and I were playing last night - a good ol' game of fetch - and he let go of his toy as I gave it a big tug and my hand accidentally bounced back and punched him right in the mouth! I felt SO bad! Zed seemed pretty shocked and sad (he really laid on the guilt) and kept licking as if he was trying to apologize. Then it seemed like he was licking a LOT, so Bon and I pried open his mouth and tow of his baby teeth were hanging there, all bloody! I felt HORRIBLE! What a terrible mother I was that I not only punched my baby in the mouth, but also knocked out two of his teeth!! After a while, he swallowed one, but Bon had to do some doggie-dentistry on the other and pluck it out (it was so tiny!)

3. I got sick on Tuesday night. Like, suuuuper sick. I had my yearly bout of middle-of-the-night-vomitting and then took the morning off of work the next day.

4. I would've taken the whole day off (I still felt awful at work) but I had taken a day off the previous week for Bon's graduation and am taking another day off next week, plus my boss was going on vacation the next day, so I needed to make sure we had everything ready.

5. Man, in elementary/middle/high school, that nausea would've been a Golden Ticket for a day off! (heck, if I really milked it, I probably could've even gotten a second day off) When did I change to the point that I was berating myself for even taking the morning off??

6. I heave heartburn right now. Also one of the many perks of adulthood.

7. During my morning off, I watched the previous night's new episode of Glee. I bawled during the "I Dreamed a Dream" duet. I LOVE Les Miserables.

8. The series finale of LOST is coming up on Sunday; Bon and I don't get tv, so we watch all our shows the next day on the internet. This means we won't get to watch it till I get home from work on Monday night. Which means I should pretty much just not go on the internet at all on Monday because there most certainly will be spoilers.

9. I have mixed feelings about the show ending - I'm glad it's winding down and there's (supposedly) going to be answers to all our questions, but I know so much will overlooked and unanswered and that really aggravates me.

10. Zed is really cute. I think Bon has grown weary of me calling "Bon! Look how cute Zed is!" every 10 seconds. But Zed is just so cute that it needs to witnessed at all times!

Ok, 10 seems like a good place to stop for now...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Husband, the Bachelor

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am for Bon's college graduation? And how proud I am of him? Yes? No? Well, here's a post about it!

So Bon just graduated from ASU (he attended the Polytechnic campus) with a Bachelor's of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology with a focus in Electronic Systems. *whew*

A brief overview: after he graduated high school in 2001, he did a year at Cal Poly Pamona (sadly, very few of those credits transferred to ASU); then he went on a two year mission to Kentucky for our church; when he returned, his family had moved to Minnesota, but before he had a chance to start school there, they all moved down to Arizona. Once in Arizona, Bon started at ASU Polytechnic (fall of 2006); we got married during his Christmas break that year and the two of us have been plugging along for the past three years. Up until this last semester, Bon worked 30+ hours a week at his job (full time during the summer) and juggled at least 14 credits on top of that. This last semester; however, Bon quit his job and did a rigorous 21 credits to get everything all done this year. And he did indeed get everything done!

I would say that this last semester - nay, just this last month - has felt longer than the last three years combined! The stress and anticipation has been intense! It was easy for me to get excited (I had a countdown going since the first day of the semester) but Bon had to actually deal with all the work to get to this point, so he was feeling more of the stress aspect of it. As short as the tunnel was, and as bright as the light at the end of it was, it was still one heck of a tunnel to go through...

So, Tuesday was Bon's LAST DAY of classes/tests/papers/presentations/finals!!! The relief was palpable. We celebrated by going to Red Lobster and seeing Iron Man 2 - we're wild and crazy, I know. Bon's thoroughly enjoyed his past few days of absolute freedom!

Then, Friday (yesterday), was the actual graduation ceremony. I took the day off work and we all went to downtown Tempe to the main ASU campus. It was a beautiful, sunny day to compliment the mood! When we were sitting in the auditorium, waiting for it to begin, Minndy and I spent some time congratulating each other and savoring a job well done. ;)

And now, on to the pictures!Bon all ready in his cap and gown!

Bon and his family

Bon and his proud moma, Minndy.

The Processional. (I've pointed out Bon for everyone's convenience)

Having his name read.

Receiving his diploma!

Bon's first seconds as a grad!

Bon with his wife and diploma! I'm so proud of him!!! I love you, Bono!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


My dear old dog, Molly (who is now in Doggy Heaven) used to HATE baths. She would get the shakes and go hide if we even said the word "bath"; so then we started spelling out "B-A-T-H" but she caught on to that too. We eventually moved on to pig-latin.

Thankfully, Zed isn't so bad about it. I mean, it's definitely not something he enjoys, but he tolerates it well enough. But, man, oh man - after it's over, he runs crazy around the house! He just seems to be thinking "I'M ALIVE!!! I SURVIVED!!!" He's like Scrooge on Christmas morning!

Anyway, since he's been doing better with the baths, I thought I'd take the time to get a few pictures of him this time. First, I'll start with a pre-bath pic just to assure everyone (and myself) that he is actually a cute dog. (this picture was actually taken a few weeks ago right before he got his first haircut)

We start by wetting his body down and leaving his head dry. It makes him look like a lion. A very weird lion. (we mostly do it in this order because it gives us a few minutes to get a good laugh in)Then, when his whole body is wet, the transformation to "stranger dog" is complete.
He's such a tiny dog under all that fluff!

I'll get you, my pretty! And your little dog, too!

Yes, ANOTHER dog post!

Zed has many toys (granted he considers every shoe, scrap of paper, and bit of string as a toy for him) and is particularly rough on his Frog. Now, Frog started out all bright and healthy with springy back legs. But Zed felt an amputation was necessary for that cheeky toad. Here's what Frog looks like today:
(notice, he's missing a back leg)

Well, a few weeks ago, Zed went through a phase where he loved to flip his bed (a big blue cushion) over and over. As soon as he'd flip it upside down, he'd start tugging at the corner again to flip it right-side up. Well, one day he left it mid flip and this is what I found:

Which reminded me of this:

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things We've Learned About Zed


Leaves. Every single leaf is a new and exciting toy for him. And the crunchier, the better.

Rugs. Tugging at their corners, scratching at them, pottying on them - he loves it all.

His "guy". It's one of those wooly, stuffed toys that's shaped like a gingerbread man. Bon nicknamed it his "guy" before I could have any input. I'm voting to change the name because he's taken to humping the "guy"...

Attention. And since he's so cute, he gets a lot of it.


Baths. Between the freshly mowed grass turning him green and several messy "accidents", he's had quite a few. It's pretty amazing how scrawny he is under all that fluff.

The Blowdryer. And after the baths, he needs his luxurious mane to be dried. It's a pretty traumatic experience all around.

Being ignored. Even if the person (or bird) is across the parking lot, he will alternate between patiently sitting, alert with big, sad eyes, and bouncing and dancing around in his most enticing "come hither" way. And he will not be deterred until he has their love and attention.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Newest Addition to Our Family...


We just bought him last night. He is a Havanese breed and only about 4 lbs right now.

We've named him Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander (Zed for short). He's named after the wizard in the highly dorky show we love, Legend of the Seeker. He's all fun and playful when he's on the ground but then will get mellow and cuddly as soon as he get's picked up.

We love our new little man! These pictures don't do him justice - he's absolutely adorable!

(he's a blur as he chases after his toy)