Sunday, May 9, 2010


My dear old dog, Molly (who is now in Doggy Heaven) used to HATE baths. She would get the shakes and go hide if we even said the word "bath"; so then we started spelling out "B-A-T-H" but she caught on to that too. We eventually moved on to pig-latin.

Thankfully, Zed isn't so bad about it. I mean, it's definitely not something he enjoys, but he tolerates it well enough. But, man, oh man - after it's over, he runs crazy around the house! He just seems to be thinking "I'M ALIVE!!! I SURVIVED!!!" He's like Scrooge on Christmas morning!

Anyway, since he's been doing better with the baths, I thought I'd take the time to get a few pictures of him this time. First, I'll start with a pre-bath pic just to assure everyone (and myself) that he is actually a cute dog. (this picture was actually taken a few weeks ago right before he got his first haircut)

We start by wetting his body down and leaving his head dry. It makes him look like a lion. A very weird lion. (we mostly do it in this order because it gives us a few minutes to get a good laugh in)Then, when his whole body is wet, the transformation to "stranger dog" is complete.
He's such a tiny dog under all that fluff!