Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sorry, no pictures with this post!

So tonight we were at Bon's aunt's house for his grandma's 75th birthday - it was a great party with all the extended family there.

Towards the end of the evening, Bon got a text message on his cell phone. He went over to the dining room table where most of the group was sitting, chatting, and opened his phone to check it out. From the living room, I heard "GAH!" I ran over to Bon to see what was the matter and he was standing there, red faced, with his phone clutched to his chest. Everyone was looking at his shocked face, so I pried the phone from his grasp at looked at the screen. BOOBS! I shreiked and passed it on to my sister-in-law. We couldn't believe it! Someone had just texted Bon a topless picture! (it was very "ameture-ish", so it wasn't an ad) Along with it came a text that said "is this tood tele number" huh?? Bon checked the number and had no clue who it was from and neither did I. So, we did the mature thing and passed it around for everyone to look at! And just as we were finishing up the first round of viewing - a SECOND picture of the boobs came over! So of course we passed it around again! Upon seeing the pictures, Bon's tiny, 75 year-old grandma replies "sure her boobs are big, but her face is ugly!"

After letting everyone have a turn at gawking, I took the phone and replied to the brazen hussy that texted her boobies to my husband: Um, you've got the wrong number girlie, but I just showed my whole family your pics. My grandma says you've got big boobs but an ungly face." Bon thinks I was too harsh (crushing her "confidence" and "self-esteem"), but I think that's what the moron deserved!

*the pictures have since been deleted from his phone. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blankety Blank Zero!

What, you didn't catch that? Why, I just told you my weight!

One of my secret (well, I guess it's not a secret now...) goals for this year is to lose some weight. I asked Bon to get me a Weight Watchers membership for Christmas and I've been *somewhat* faithfully using it since New Years. To be totally honest, I haven't been perfect with it and have still indulged a bit (and haven't done any exercising yet) - but I'm still seeing results with the few changes that have been implemented! *the saddest change being that we switched from 1% milk to skim. yuck. (tangent: Bon told me that they have 6% milk in New Zealand. Is that true?!? If so, will someone please send me some?)

Anyway, the reason I'm sharing this (which I had originally vowed not to - or at least not until I reached my very distant goal weight) is because, when I stepped on the scale today, I saw that there was finally a decent decline in weight! On New Year's Day, I weighed _ _ 7 and today I weigh _ _ 0 !!! Seven pounds - not bad for still eating out occasionally and not excercising!

Also, I thought I'd remind myself of a moment of weakness I had this week: On Monday, Bon was kind enough to go grocery shopping on his way home from work and he made sure to only buy healthy foods that would be good for our diet. Well, he called me a little later because he had accidently locked his keys in his trunk and needed me to come rescue him. I told him I would, but only if he bought a DiGiorno pizza (I had been craving the cheezy-goodness all day). He tried to reason with me, but finally agreed to go back in and purchase one as I drove over. When I got there, I demanded the pizza as payment - but he hadn't gotten it. He refused to give in and "ruin" our diet and I refused to unlock his trunk. After a few minutes of trying every method (begging, pouting, batting of eyelashed, nearing tears - and that was just Bon!), I was given a firm-yet-loving talking to about how we needed to be, with no pizza, I unlocked Bon's trunk.


I am getting a whole DiGiorno pizza all to myself for my birthday, though.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Guess I Have a Face for Radio...

Okay, normally, I try to brush off something like this; but since it's happened at least 4 times in the past two weeks, it needs to be addressed.

There are three of us girls at my job, managing the very hectic office. One girl works mainly checking the patients in and out and the other girl takes patients to the rooms and begins their appointment, so the task of handling the phones is left mainly to me. I take calls and make calls. (one of my more enjoyable tasks is to call the patients the day before their appointment to remind them of it - I use my perkiest voice to "ask that [they] please arrive fifteen minutes ahead of [their] scheduled appointment time" and such)

Well, anyway, much to my surprise - when the patients actually come in to the office for their appointments, a lot of them tell us girls or the doctor how kind and cheerful we are on the phone and what a pleasure it is to talk to us (I say "us", because the other girls do handle the phones too - it's not ALL me).

Very nice.

Except... There have been several instances that have all played out the exact same way (this scenario happened twice this very afternoon):

The patient (usually an elderly person) comes in and cheerfully - almost eagerly - gets up to the front counter to begin the check-in process. They *try to* casually ask the Front Desk Girl if she is "Jessie" or "the girl that called them yesterday to remind them of their appointment." She replies that she's not, and they emphatically gush that Jessie has the prettiest voice and is so lovely over the phone. The Front Desk Girl turns to get my attention so I can receive my compliment - but in the few nanoseconds before she can get the words out, I watch the patients' faces: they excitedly look at me - but not quite at me...more like around me - waiting for me to move so the girl with the face to match the beautiful voice can be seen. I see the shock when they realize the girl in front of them is the one they spoke with on the phone and I see them try to hide their disappointment. They kindly repeat their compliment of my voice, but leave it at that - no more gushing, no more eager glances.

I don't mind, really. It's actually kind of funny. Plus, I'm just glad that at least SOMETHING about me is attractive!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 in Summation

*hopefully some of these items will include photo documentation...but I make no promises...

** also, I'm sure there are things that I will forget to include - forgive me, it's nothing personal.

Jan - take a spontaneous road trip to Chino Hills, Ca (Bono's hometown). It was really nice to see Bon's old stomping grounds (dorky that I said "stomping grounds") - he showed me his high school, church building, favorite hang out spots and we were able to visit some friends of his.

Feb - I turned 22.
- Bon's little sister, Sarah, got married.
Mar - I got fired from my job. (I never said I was only including "happy" highlights)
- Bon turned 25. He's a quarter-of-a-century old! (I took him to Benihana for his bday)

Apr - got a job at Hastings & Hastings Law Firm

May - went to Minnesota for my bff, Haleigh's, wedding (she was a beautiful bride)! Me and my girls are all married off - hard to believe we're grown up enough for that! Anyway, it's always great to go back home and see family and friends. :)

Jun - Bon and I celebrated our year-and-a-half anniversary (hey, I'll use any excuse for treats)

Jul - reconciled with some Mrs. Wilcoxes :)
- our friend, Mitch, came out to visit us! Mitch is quite the video gamer, too, so Bon was able to have a gaming buddy - he was in heaven!
Aug - got laid off from Hastings & Hastings Law Firm
- Bon went back to another semester of school

Sept - ...nothing comes to mind...

Oct - Sarah and I hosted a Halloween party. Bon and I were Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man!
Nov - got a job with Dr. Carolyn Pace's rheumatology practice.
- spent Thanksgiving in Minnesota. It was an awesome week! I got to spend time with so many family and friends (new and old). (sorry, forgot to take any pics!)

Dec - celebrated TWO years of wedded bliss with my Bono!
- accidently deleted my blog
- my mommy came to visit foor Christmas! We went and saw the lights and nativity displays at the Mesa Temple, had Christmas at Bon's parents', and watched A Muppet Christmas Carol. It was lovely.

And that's it!