Sunday, December 27, 2009

I had fully intended to post this BEFORE Christmas...

But, of course, I am nothing if not lazy.

Anyway, I'm making this post because I'm actually kinda pleased with my Christmas decorations this year; this was the 4th Christmas that Bon and I have been married (for the first Christmas, we had only been married four days - what was I thinking to get married four days before Christmas???)and I finally feel like my Christmas collection has started to take shape and is fairly substantial for our little apartment. So, I'm taking a moment to brag and boast and I'm going to force you to 'ooh' and 'aah' at my stuff. (actually, I'm aware that it's really nothing fantastic and totally understand if you want to look at another website instead. Go, leave now, before it gets any worse) Also, for the sake of time and everyone's gag reflexes, I'm only posting the new or refurbished decorations - fair enough?

First up is a small quilt that Bon's mom made for him when he was younger. In the past, we've just draped it over the couch but it always fell down and got ignored - so this year, I attached some rick-rack to it and hung it on our pantry door. Ingenious, I tell you!

Next, we have our "Merry Christmas" sign. I made it a couple years ago at a Relief Society craft day thing. I originally painted it forest-green, but I've been trying to do a red/burgundy/white/cream theme with our Christmas stuff, so I repainted it this year. And, luckily, the original ribbon I had used for it matched perfectly! (are you gagging yet?)

Okay, here's a new one to the group. This puppy took a LOT of time. And a lot of glue sticks. I saw the idea here (warning: mine is not nearly as good looking as the original. Not even close) and thought it was simple enough that I could do it. Psh, WRONG. Ok, well, it was easy enough but it was just really time consuming at took way more ornament balls than I thought it would. And hanging it up wasn't easy either. Anyway, with all this buildup, prepare to be underwhelmed:

Another new one is the set of five ornaments I finished this year (yes, finished - I bought them two years ago). I originally just painted them burgundy and hung them on the tree. But after a couple of days, I got the idea to cover them in red glitter-glue for some added sparkle. And, now I LOVE them! They are so pretty when the tree lights are shining on them. Gosh, they give me warm fuzzies.
And, lastly, the crowning glory. In the past, we've rigged up a few different methods of hanging our stockings, but nothing I was ever crazy about. Then, last year, I saw this blog post using a sign and knobs to display stockings. I thought it was way cool and finally got around to it this year. (also, a little plug - I have gotten several signs from Lolly Jane and she always does an AMAZING job - LOVE her!) So, I got the vinyl from Lolly Jane and used some knobs I got from Anthropologie and - voila!

So, there you have it: some of my Christmas decorations! And, look, we all survived!