Saturday, June 5, 2010

Talkie Talkie

Bon and I have an incredibly imaginative and chatty 5 year old neighbor girl. Due to those characteristics, her parents encourage her to spend a lot of time outdoors. She can be seen patrolling the sidewalks on her bike - talking to neighbors, nameless passers-by, and no one at all. We see her most of the times we take Zed out potty. It's exhausting. But she's so hilarious! Up until a few weeks ago, Bon and I didn't even know her name, so we lovingly referred to her as "Talkie Talkie". Here are just a few gems from our conversations with her:

I had just gotten home from work and was walking up to the apartment. From behind me, I heard her say "he's not there." I knew she was talking about Bon, but to humor her, I turned around and said "who's not there?" She paused for a moment and replied "your dad."

(now, this anecdote had me a bit concerned for her, but the pure innocence was touching)
As I was going back upstairs, after a lengthy conversation during one of Zed's potty breaks, she said "when you see Bon, will you tell him to invite me up your your house the next time he sees me. And invite me for a sleepover."

She doesn't seem to have many neighborhood friends, but (in what I can only imagine to be an attempt to garner some interest from prospective playmates) she'll ride around on her bike, shouting "WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" But it is the most angry, aggressive sounding "whee" I've ever heard.

Her and I were chatting during one of Zed's potty breaks and her mom called her in for dinner. A dialogue ensued wherein she tried to determine when we'd next be able to play. As she was going inside, she looked back at me and said, "oh, it's cool, you have my number - just call me!" and placed her hand up to her ear like a phone. She doesn't have a phone and I don't have her number.

She told me to take Bon to the store and buy him a bicycle so they could play together.

And our favorite:
It's very apparent that Talkie Talkie has a crush on Bon. Well, one day, we were both walking to our car and she was playing outside. When we left the apartment, she had called out "Hi Bon!" As we crossed to the far side of the parking lot, she shouted "Bye Bon!" A moments pause... "I love you!"