Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 in Summation

*hopefully some of these items will include photo documentation...but I make no promises...

** also, I'm sure there are things that I will forget to include - forgive me, it's nothing personal.

Jan - take a spontaneous road trip to Chino Hills, Ca (Bono's hometown). It was really nice to see Bon's old stomping grounds (dorky that I said "stomping grounds") - he showed me his high school, church building, favorite hang out spots and we were able to visit some friends of his.

Feb - I turned 22.
- Bon's little sister, Sarah, got married.
Mar - I got fired from my job. (I never said I was only including "happy" highlights)
- Bon turned 25. He's a quarter-of-a-century old! (I took him to Benihana for his bday)

Apr - got a job at Hastings & Hastings Law Firm

May - went to Minnesota for my bff, Haleigh's, wedding (she was a beautiful bride)! Me and my girls are all married off - hard to believe we're grown up enough for that! Anyway, it's always great to go back home and see family and friends. :)

Jun - Bon and I celebrated our year-and-a-half anniversary (hey, I'll use any excuse for treats)

Jul - reconciled with some Mrs. Wilcoxes :)
- our friend, Mitch, came out to visit us! Mitch is quite the video gamer, too, so Bon was able to have a gaming buddy - he was in heaven!
Aug - got laid off from Hastings & Hastings Law Firm
- Bon went back to another semester of school

Sept - ...nothing comes to mind...

Oct - Sarah and I hosted a Halloween party. Bon and I were Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man!
Nov - got a job with Dr. Carolyn Pace's rheumatology practice.
- spent Thanksgiving in Minnesota. It was an awesome week! I got to spend time with so many family and friends (new and old). (sorry, forgot to take any pics!)

Dec - celebrated TWO years of wedded bliss with my Bono!
- accidently deleted my blog
- my mommy came to visit foor Christmas! We went and saw the lights and nativity displays at the Mesa Temple, had Christmas at Bon's parents', and watched A Muppet Christmas Carol. It was lovely.

And that's it!