Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sorry, no pictures with this post!

So tonight we were at Bon's aunt's house for his grandma's 75th birthday - it was a great party with all the extended family there.

Towards the end of the evening, Bon got a text message on his cell phone. He went over to the dining room table where most of the group was sitting, chatting, and opened his phone to check it out. From the living room, I heard "GAH!" I ran over to Bon to see what was the matter and he was standing there, red faced, with his phone clutched to his chest. Everyone was looking at his shocked face, so I pried the phone from his grasp at looked at the screen. BOOBS! I shreiked and passed it on to my sister-in-law. We couldn't believe it! Someone had just texted Bon a topless picture! (it was very "ameture-ish", so it wasn't an ad) Along with it came a text that said "is this tood tele number" huh?? Bon checked the number and had no clue who it was from and neither did I. So, we did the mature thing and passed it around for everyone to look at! And just as we were finishing up the first round of viewing - a SECOND picture of the boobs came over! So of course we passed it around again! Upon seeing the pictures, Bon's tiny, 75 year-old grandma replies "sure her boobs are big, but her face is ugly!"

After letting everyone have a turn at gawking, I took the phone and replied to the brazen hussy that texted her boobies to my husband: Um, you've got the wrong number girlie, but I just showed my whole family your pics. My grandma says you've got big boobs but an ungly face." Bon thinks I was too harsh (crushing her "confidence" and "self-esteem"), but I think that's what the moron deserved!

*the pictures have since been deleted from his phone. :)