Saturday, May 22, 2010


There's no real point to this post. I've just had some thoughts repeatedly bouncing in my mind that I thought spitting them out into a post might relieve some of the pressure.

1. Zed's puppy teeth are starting to fall out. My little baby isn't a baby anymore! :(

2. Zed and I were playing last night - a good ol' game of fetch - and he let go of his toy as I gave it a big tug and my hand accidentally bounced back and punched him right in the mouth! I felt SO bad! Zed seemed pretty shocked and sad (he really laid on the guilt) and kept licking as if he was trying to apologize. Then it seemed like he was licking a LOT, so Bon and I pried open his mouth and tow of his baby teeth were hanging there, all bloody! I felt HORRIBLE! What a terrible mother I was that I not only punched my baby in the mouth, but also knocked out two of his teeth!! After a while, he swallowed one, but Bon had to do some doggie-dentistry on the other and pluck it out (it was so tiny!)

3. I got sick on Tuesday night. Like, suuuuper sick. I had my yearly bout of middle-of-the-night-vomitting and then took the morning off of work the next day.

4. I would've taken the whole day off (I still felt awful at work) but I had taken a day off the previous week for Bon's graduation and am taking another day off next week, plus my boss was going on vacation the next day, so I needed to make sure we had everything ready.

5. Man, in elementary/middle/high school, that nausea would've been a Golden Ticket for a day off! (heck, if I really milked it, I probably could've even gotten a second day off) When did I change to the point that I was berating myself for even taking the morning off??

6. I heave heartburn right now. Also one of the many perks of adulthood.

7. During my morning off, I watched the previous night's new episode of Glee. I bawled during the "I Dreamed a Dream" duet. I LOVE Les Miserables.

8. The series finale of LOST is coming up on Sunday; Bon and I don't get tv, so we watch all our shows the next day on the internet. This means we won't get to watch it till I get home from work on Monday night. Which means I should pretty much just not go on the internet at all on Monday because there most certainly will be spoilers.

9. I have mixed feelings about the show ending - I'm glad it's winding down and there's (supposedly) going to be answers to all our questions, but I know so much will overlooked and unanswered and that really aggravates me.

10. Zed is really cute. I think Bon has grown weary of me calling "Bon! Look how cute Zed is!" every 10 seconds. But Zed is just so cute that it needs to witnessed at all times!

Ok, 10 seems like a good place to stop for now...