Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Husband, the Bachelor

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am for Bon's college graduation? And how proud I am of him? Yes? No? Well, here's a post about it!

So Bon just graduated from ASU (he attended the Polytechnic campus) with a Bachelor's of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology with a focus in Electronic Systems. *whew*

A brief overview: after he graduated high school in 2001, he did a year at Cal Poly Pamona (sadly, very few of those credits transferred to ASU); then he went on a two year mission to Kentucky for our church; when he returned, his family had moved to Minnesota, but before he had a chance to start school there, they all moved down to Arizona. Once in Arizona, Bon started at ASU Polytechnic (fall of 2006); we got married during his Christmas break that year and the two of us have been plugging along for the past three years. Up until this last semester, Bon worked 30+ hours a week at his job (full time during the summer) and juggled at least 14 credits on top of that. This last semester; however, Bon quit his job and did a rigorous 21 credits to get everything all done this year. And he did indeed get everything done!

I would say that this last semester - nay, just this last month - has felt longer than the last three years combined! The stress and anticipation has been intense! It was easy for me to get excited (I had a countdown going since the first day of the semester) but Bon had to actually deal with all the work to get to this point, so he was feeling more of the stress aspect of it. As short as the tunnel was, and as bright as the light at the end of it was, it was still one heck of a tunnel to go through...

So, Tuesday was Bon's LAST DAY of classes/tests/papers/presentations/finals!!! The relief was palpable. We celebrated by going to Red Lobster and seeing Iron Man 2 - we're wild and crazy, I know. Bon's thoroughly enjoyed his past few days of absolute freedom!

Then, Friday (yesterday), was the actual graduation ceremony. I took the day off work and we all went to downtown Tempe to the main ASU campus. It was a beautiful, sunny day to compliment the mood! When we were sitting in the auditorium, waiting for it to begin, Minndy and I spent some time congratulating each other and savoring a job well done. ;)

And now, on to the pictures!Bon all ready in his cap and gown!

Bon and his family

Bon and his proud moma, Minndy.

The Processional. (I've pointed out Bon for everyone's convenience)

Having his name read.

Receiving his diploma!

Bon's first seconds as a grad!

Bon with his wife and diploma! I'm so proud of him!!! I love you, Bono!