Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things We've Learned About Zed


Leaves. Every single leaf is a new and exciting toy for him. And the crunchier, the better.

Rugs. Tugging at their corners, scratching at them, pottying on them - he loves it all.

His "guy". It's one of those wooly, stuffed toys that's shaped like a gingerbread man. Bon nicknamed it his "guy" before I could have any input. I'm voting to change the name because he's taken to humping the "guy"...

Attention. And since he's so cute, he gets a lot of it.


Baths. Between the freshly mowed grass turning him green and several messy "accidents", he's had quite a few. It's pretty amazing how scrawny he is under all that fluff.

The Blowdryer. And after the baths, he needs his luxurious mane to be dried. It's a pretty traumatic experience all around.

Being ignored. Even if the person (or bird) is across the parking lot, he will alternate between patiently sitting, alert with big, sad eyes, and bouncing and dancing around in his most enticing "come hither" way. And he will not be deterred until he has their love and attention.