Saturday, September 18, 2010

here's the plan:

So, a while back, I made a "private" blog.  (I haven't updated it a lot, per my usual M.O., but it's there none the less).  I had mentioned it on facebook, but just in case anyone hadn't seen that, you can still send me an email (jessie.brannan@gmail(dot)com) and I'll add you to the blog list so you can read it - it's quite the privilege. 

K, now, does anyone else have the problem of not remembering to check when those private blogs update?  I mean, I have my little "blog buddies" list on the side of this blog, and when someone posts something new, their blog moves to the top of the list and then I know to check their blog.  But private blogs don't do that.  I'm sure everyone else knows a simpler way of keeping track of those things, but I don't.  Soooo, what I'm going to do is: keep this blog and post links to new posts (on the rare occasion that I make them) so that it will still show up on peoples' blog lists.  Does that make sense?  Oh well, don't expect much anyway.