Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Odd New Characteristics Have Developed...

I've taken to cleaning things that don't need to be cleaned.

Wednesday night, I organized all our board games in a new (to them) cupboard. For the past two years, they've been stuffed in the trunk that stores all our blankets and this cupboard (well, it's a gutted jewelry armoire that Bon painted a lovely rust red for me and resides under a mirror in our hallway) has been mostly empty, sans a few odds n' ends and a tape-measurer from time to time.

Then, yesterday evening, I reorganized the trunk that had the blankets because the board game removal had freed up a lot of space. Now all of our extra blankets, sheets, and pillowcases are easy to access and nicely stored until such an occasion.

Oh, and yesterday morning (this was possibly the most unnecessary act of all), I swept our patio. Yes, I swept the outdoors.

There is a logical explanation for this, I swear. You see, we have a small patio off our bedroom (it's maybe 5' x 6') and it has a little closet that houses our washer and dryer (our apartments are weird like that: every unit does indeed have it's own washer and dryer, but they're outside - it really annoys me). Well, as you might imagine, it's very dusty in a desert. I was getting tired of my feet getting dirty every time I went out to do laundry, so I thought I'd sweep up the debris (yes, wearing shoes might have been a more obvious solution). It's actually nice to have a freshly swept patio.

The rest of our house is also unusually clean and I am all caught up on laundry and dishes! I keep telling myself how great this opportunity is to catch up on housework and really savor the joys of domestic bliss. I'm also enjoying getting to all the little arts and crafts projects that I have started over the past few months.

...I need a job.