Friday, May 22, 2009

I Think I Can?

This past week, Bon and I have found ourselves eating a lot of foods from cans - soups, stews, Chef Boyardee, Home Style Bakes (I particularly recommend the Chicken and Biscuits). No big deal, except that our can-opener is broken. You'd think we'd remember this every time we reach for a canned meal - but, no - we just begin to open the can with the opener and realize that we made a mistake.

Why is our can-opener broken? (and just to clarify, I'm talking about a manual, hand-operated one - not an electric one) Because of me. Ever since I was little, I've always struggled with opening cans with a can-opener. I think it's because I'm left handed; I don't know why that would affect things, but it just does. (side note: I can only operate "left-handed" scissors with my right hand - they won't cut the paper if I try with my left hand. weird.)

Anyway, somehow our can-opener has gone completely defunkt. Opening cans has now become a two person job. It's quite a scene to witness when we need to open a can: we attach the opener to the can as usual, then Bon uses one hand to tightly hold the two handles together so the sharp blade part will actually reach the can top to cut it, he uses his other hand to rotate the can, one of my hands does the same, while my other hand cranks the handle in the opposite direction as specified on the opener. Our arms are all twisted around each others' and we have to stop and restart frequently to readjust the opener.

It's quite the ordeal and very hilarious to watch, I'm sure.