Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh Universe, you've done it again!

I'm sure I'm not alone in the sentiment that I hate not knowing what the future holds for me; most everybody hates that feeling. Well, lately, I've been feeling very unsure of what the future (or even the present) holds for me. I don't know what the Universe expects of me!

*perhaps I should become an Actor!

I remember hearing a story one time (it was used in a metaphoric way) about a guy who had missed his college team's big football game against their rival. He had the game recorded at home, but just had to know the final results, so he asked someone and found that his team had won. He went home and watched the game anyway. His wife noted that he was so much calmer watching the game this way; though it was all still very exciting, he didn't go ballistic when the opposing team got the ball or scored because he knew that, in the end, it wouldn't matter because his team won.

Oddly enough, this football metaphor has stuck with me. I wish I could know the final score, going into the game (I'd also appreciate some better looking jerseys, if we're in negotiations here...).

There is a reason for this annoyingly cryptic post.

A few weeks ago, I got laid off (yes, AGAIN. this is getting ridiculous really). Yesterday, as I went to dip my toes in the putrid waters of job listings, the first job (that looked like I was even remotely qualified for) appeared to be from the very place that I was let-go of for the very same job I was doing. It was a slap in the face. I was distraught and wrung my tear-and-mascara-soaked hands at the Universe. (I came very close to blogging about it, but ate my feelings instead.) To torture myself a little further, I emailed my resume to them saying that, what do you know!, I just got done working at a rheumatology clinic in this exact capacity! I expected that I wouldn't hear anything back from my assumed-previous-employer.

So I got an email back today, from a totally different rheumatologist, asking for more information about me! Yeah, it wasn't my old boss after all - Oh how I aggrivate myself! - and I'm looking nicely qualified for this new job. So, by waiting to post about this incident for a mere 24 hours, the whole tone of the story has changed.

Moral of the story: record your football games for later viewing.