Friday, July 3, 2009

A Phone Conversation from my Third Day at Work

me: (very bubbly) Lifespan Behavioral Health, this is Jessie - how can I help you?

caller: (in a rushed tone) Yeah, I need to speak to Dr. Peterson.

me: (still bubbly) I'm sorry, she's out of the office today. But I can get a message to her!

caller: (hesitates but then hurries on) K. This is _____ from :Facility: and it's about :Patient's Name: The number is _______.

me: Ok! Is there any message I can tell her as well?

caller: Uh, yes, it's urgent - the patient is being investigated for homicide.

me: ...........uuhhh, okay......

The doctor assured me this was the first call of that nature they'd ever gotten. I guess my job is a "baptism by fire" sort of place...

*names have been changed to protect the innocent...until proven guilty...