Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Gee, Paw!"

So, this past Sunday, Bon and I were called to be Primary Teachers for the 6-year olds...

...I won't share all my feelings on the subject, but I will say that there were some tears... And, boy, did Bon feel silly about crying in church! (kidding!)

Anyway, tonight while we were looking through the masterpiece-of-organization that is our Teachers Manual, I found a page about "things to understand about each age group." I began to read the part about six-year olds and am now wondering if my class has been cryogenically frozen from the 1950's... here's what the manual explains of them:

"Girls this age learn to jump rope, bounce a ball, and play jacks. Boys learn to whistle, turn hand springs, and balance a pole on the open hand."

Does anyone else feel like the children described in that paragraph are from the sleepy town of Mayburry? Is Andy Griffith the bishop?

Good job at not updating your materials for the past fifty years, Primary. This should be a great help!