Friday, July 10, 2009

Our location has been compromised - it's no longer safe here.

After two and a half years of successful hiding, the enemy has found us and begun assaults.

The enemy?

These soulless monsters:


Now, I know scorpions are super common here in Arizona - and we've been uncannily fortunate to not have seen any in our apartment until now - but I just don't feel safe now that I've spotted one in our home. (I've seen one and Bon's killed 2 babies.)

My first encounter was a few weeks ago when my mom was here. I was sitting at the kitchen table, putting my makeup on and my mom was sitting over on the couch. She looked over at the kitchen counters and saw a "cricket" down in the corner. She got a shoe a went over to kill it.

"Oh wow - this cricket is HUGE!" I heard her comment. I couldn't see it from where I was sitting, so I just continued with my makeup.

"Well, no, maybe it's not a cricket. It must be a spider," she continued. I suggested that maybe it was a Wolf Spider (very creepy guys). She still didn't seem satisfied with that diagnosis, but launched the shoe at the insect none the less.

I heard her mutter that it wasn't dead and then SHREIK!

I whipped around and saw the cricket/spider chasing after my mom.

What creature chases after it's attacker?? Especially when the attacker is 100 times it's size!

My brain clicked on, "Mom, that's a scorpion! Watch out!!!"

Thankfully, my mom threw the shoe down one more time and was able to crush the 2 inch monster.

But, imagine what could've happened if she hadn't killed him and he'd stung her! The thing about scorpions that scares me is that they can actually poison and KILL you! I mean, crickets, ants, and spiders are all annoying and give me the willies - but a scorpion could knock you out!

I just feel like, now that we've been found out, the scorpions are going to flood our doors, each trying it's hand at attacking us!